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About Us

Nothing beats
one-on-one service !

Humble Beginnings

We have been in business for over 21 years. Glasses To Go started in the basement of our Sherwood Park home in 1995.  Our goal at that time was to provide quality eye glasses for seniors in nursing homes who could not get out on their own to shop.  We soon realized that our service is unique and the staff in the facilities we were servicing wanted us to help them as well!

Let us help you choose the best option !da, diam ipsum blandit urna.

By word of mouth, our reputation for good service, a quality product, a wide selection and a genuine interest in the well-being of our client’s vision, soon lead to an interest in us by client and staff families and the general public!

Continual Growth

Our Specialty

Specializing as a mobile optical company has been very rewarding for us.  We get great satisfaction in helping and servicing our patients.  Knowing we have made a difference makes us proud because improving someone’s sight and self-esteem is both medicinal and creative.  As a medical professional, Christine is very proud of how this little company has grown and that her medical professional team is not like any local retail outlet.  Our expertise is professional, knowledgeable and diverse.

“I love the personal concept and the one-on-one service that I receive.  The knowledge and professionalism that Christine
has is excellent and I will continue to support her with all my purchases and refer friends to her because I know she will take good care of them.                   
                                   Deborah Kurach, President of Verve Salon & Spa Ltd.

Here’s what you say about us

Christine Zacharko Womanition Vimeo.

Christine Zacharko has been featured in Womanition Magazine and shares the philosophy of her business and some insights into how she best serves her clientele in the video below.

We are proud of our 25 Year History of Glasses to Go

Christina is a team  member - senior sector for Sandwiched 911

(Click on the Sandwiched logo to learn more)

Sandwiched 911 is an organization that supports caregivers with a team of professional service providers.