Senior Care

Senior Care

Senior Care Facilities & Private Homes

Whether you are disabled, shut in or homebound for any reason, Glasses To Go Mobile Vision Care service will come to you!

Our goal is to make your eyeglass purchase as simple and seamless as possible. We will help guide you through the frame and lens selection process and recommend the best possible selection for your prescription and eyewear needs. 

Providing on site care in a safe and familiar space, is less stressful for the patient. Our Optometrist can get an accurate measurement and assessment setting up the patient for a successful and accurate examination.

Wherever you are...

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We come to you!

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We come to you at your private home.

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We come to you at your seniors care.

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We come to you at your hospital bed.

Glasses To Go provides on site vision care for:

If you don’t have a current prescription, we can arrange for our doctor for an on-site exam from our licensed Optometrist at bed side.

Following the eye exam, we will go over your lens and frame options with you and recommend the best and cost effective choice for your needs and budget.

One your new glasses are ordered from the lab, when completed we will deliver them promptly to you for final adjustments and fittings.

Terms: 50% deposit upon order


Glasses To Go offers an engraving program to identify your eye glasses permanently. This helps in identifying them if lost or misplaced. Nursing home staff can easily return glasses to their rightful owners when they have a name on them! While our engraving service is targeted to clients that live in care residences or are temporarily in hospital, this service is available to anyone that wishes to have this convenience. We provide this service on site for a small fee.